Tork Kratos R motorcycle delivered in a 1:1 scale model box

The automotive industry is constantly trying to keep up with the market in this age of innovation and new technologies. As electric vehicles become more and more popular. Almost every day, a new electric vehicle startup hits the market. And, to stand out, each company tries and tests new tricks and initiatives. Likewise, EV startup Tork Motors has embraced an intriguing and innovative idea.

To transport customers back to their childhood, Kratos electric bikes are packaged in a 1:1 scale box similar to a toy bike. Kapil Shelke, the founder of Tork Motors, delivered his Tork Kratos R in a 1:1 scale box to a customer as part of this unique and exciting delivery initiative. Tork Motors is currently only available in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi.

Tork Kratos R motorcycle delivered in a 1:1 scale model box

Kratos has a 4kWh battery and a claimed real-world range of 120km. The Kratos produce 7.5kW of power and 28Nm of torque. This electric bike can accelerate from 0 to 40 kilometers per hour in 4 seconds. Lithium-ion batteries power the Kratos electric motorcycle. It has a top speed of 100 km/h and in one hour the battery can be charged up to 80%. It also includes Tork’s signature TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System), an artificial intelligence (AI) system that powers the bike.

The Kratos have a ground clearance of 165mm. The battery contains a number of sensors that analyze various parameters and uses. The battery is waterproof to IP67 standards and can be charged at home in around 4-5 hours. The majority of this bike’s features are controlled by a smartphone app. A basic LCD screen with readings for empty distance, trip data and a clock is also included. It also includes navigation, OTA updates and other features.

The base model costs Rs 1,92,499, while the R model costs Rs 2,07,499 (both priced ex-showroom, Pune). After taking into account the FAME-II subsidies provided by both the national government and a few state governments, these prices drop even further. The company also offers a 3-year/40,000-mile warranty on the bike.

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