RoboCop Wants Dead Or Alive Hot Toys With New 1/6 Figure Debut


RoboCop is back and coming to Hot Toys as the successful collectible company celebrates nearly 30 years since RoboCop 3 made its debut. A new 1/6 scale die-cast figure has been revealed, bringing the robotic hero right off the screen. The hero of Detroit is well loaded with accessories, die-cast elements and interchangeable parts to please many fans. For interchangeable parts, Hot Toys included interchangeable hands, four interchangeable lower jaws with different expressions, and in some markets fans can be replaced with a battle-damaged chest piece. As for weapons, RoboCop will feature his jetpack, an Auto-9 pistol that can be used for the functional leg holster. The third entry in this movie isn’t the best, but Hot Toys knocked this figure out of the park! No release date, price or pre-order information is known at this time. However, collectors will be able to find it right here when pre-orders finally arrive.

“My friends call me Murphy. You can call me… RoboCop. RoboCop is tasked with cleaning up Detroit’s less desirable neighborhoods by harassing local residents and must decide whether his loyalties lie with his developer Omni Consumer Products or helping the citizens of the city he’s sworn to protect. Celebrating nearly 30 years of RoboCop 3’s impact, Hot Toys is thrilled to revisit the truly iconic character – Robocop as a 1/6 scale die-cast collectible figure based on this classic sci-fi movie released for the first time in 1993.”

“The movie-accurate RoboCop figure, crafted from die-cast material, features a helmeted head with an interchangeable lower part of faces capturing different expressions; intricate sections of armor such as a gun holster hidden in the thigh; paint specially applied iridescent color in a purplish-blue scheme; a number of -detailed weapons and accessories including a die-cast pistol, pistol, multi-purpose cannon with missile and blast effect, flight pack, hands interchangeable and a figure base. Save the day with the Robocop figure today!”

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