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Hot Toys really went above and beyond this time around as they pulled off one of the MCU’s deadliest villains with Infinity Ultron. Release of the hit Disney + animated series What if…?, the multiverse has finally spread and Hot Toys is taking advantage. We’ve seen a lot of Marvel What If…? Figures with Captain Carter, Hydra Stomper and Zombie Hunter Spider-Man. InfinitY Ultron is here to end the Multiverse as we know it, unless the Guardians of the Multiverse can stop it. Approximately 15 “tall, Ultron features die-cast materials, LEDs for its Infinity Stones, and a magnetic helmet that can show Vision’s head below.

This action figure is truly a work of art and is packed with features of a cloth cape, a hand painted articulated and interchangeable hand, and even comes with his spear. Hot Toys didn’t hold back with that figure, and it will take any MCU collection to a new level and easily cut the Thano collection in half. They are priced at $ 425; Marvel Studios What if…? Infinity Ultron is slated for release between October and December 2022. Pre-orders are live here with payment plans offered, so take advantage if necessary.

“I will bring peace to our time, to all corners of the universe.” – Infinite Ultron. In episode 8 of What If…? from Marvel Studios, Ultron not only manages to merge with Vision, but also gains the power of the Infinity Stones when Thanos the Mad Titan arrives on Earth. Wielding an unstoppable power, Ultron takes his grudge against organic life across the vast expanses of space, intending to wipe out the entire multiverse… collectible figure from What If…? collection.”

Skillfully designed based on the appearance of Infinity Ultron in the animated series, the diecast figure stands 39cm tall, features a new helmeted head sculpture with LED light function on the eyes and mind Stone; highly detailed helmet with function LED lighting and flip-up magnetic design; multiple coats of titanium gray and matte gold paint on the LED-lit Infinity stone-encrusted armor; most notable for its iconic double-headed spear; and stand for figurine. The new Infinity Ultron 1 / The 6 scale figurine is here to conquer your exhibition! “

The 1/6 Scale Infinity Ultron Collectible Figure specially includes:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of Infinity Ultron in What If…? animation series
  • One (1) Newly Helmet Head Sculpt with LED Eye Light Function and Mind Stone (Battery Operated)
  • Helmet with LED light function (battery operated) and magnetic flip-up design to reveal details of face sculpting and skin texture
  • Specially applied metallic red-violet skin tone to reflect the character’s distinctive appearance
  • Approx 39cm high
  • Specialized body with over 30 points of articulation
  • Contains die-cast material
  • Special features of the armor:
  • Titanium gray and matte gold paint on the Infinity Ultron armor
  • Infinity Stones mounted on armor with LED light function (battery operated)
  • Four (4) pieces of interchangeable needles including:
  • One (1) pair of hands with articulated fingers
  • One (1) pair of hand holding spears
  • Each piece of head sculpture is specially hand painted


  • One (1) red colored cape with a gold colored embossed pattern (incorporated with foldable thread)


  • One (1) two-pointed lance


  • One (1) specially designed figure stand
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