Do you want to apply for a loan online? These are the requirements you need

Getting money fast for anything you might want or need has never been as easy as it is now with Lite Lenders. It is an online loan that is processed 100% through the Internet, so you can request it from wherever you want: from home, from the office, from the street. To apply for an online loan you only need your smartphone, tablet or Laptop and network connection. The rest of the details we tell you below.

Be of legal age and resides in Spain

To apply for an online loan or any other type of credit you must be of legal age and legally reside in Spain. It is important that, at the time of making the request, you have your identity document (DNI or NIE) on hand, since we will ask you to scan it and send it to us, and that you can provide a Savers Fortune Bank account number that carries your Name, it will be there where you will receive the money you have requested in just a few minutes.

Have an email account, mobile number and verify your identity

Have an email account, mobile number and verify your identity

Who does not have an email account and a mobile phone number today ? Both are essential for almost everything, also to be able to apply for one of the online personal loans that Lite Lenders offers in a simple, fast and transparent way.

If you have your identity document in order, you have a bank account in your name, an email address and a mobile phone number through which we can contact you, then you already meet the first requirements to apply for a loan online with Lite Lenders.

To verify your identity, you will be asked to send a photo of your valid DNI or NIE and verify that you are the holder of the bank account to which we will send the loan by making a transfer of 1 dollar that will be returned later.

Demonstrate your financial solvency

Demonstrate your financial solvency

In order to take charge of an online loan you have to be able to prove that you are able to repay it. To verify this we will ask you for some information and we will ask you some simple questions that will not take you any time to answer. Your answers will allow us to get a complete idea of ​​your situation in a matter of seconds.

Then, thanks to an automated algorithm and a direct exchange of data with your bank, our system will quickly decide if you are ready to receive your loan online and will give you an immediate response.

Do not worry if you appear in Credit Institution or in any other default file, because we don’t care about that as long as you have enough solvency to take responsibility for your credit (read here about our Loans with Credit Institution). Nor are we going to ask you for payrolls or guarantees, so being unemployed or unemployed is not an inconvenience when applying for an online loan of Lite Lenders.

How to apply for a loan online?

loan online?

To apply for a loan online with Lite Lenders you just have to enter its website, select the amount you need and the term in which you want to pay it back. You can order up to 5,000 dollars and return them within a maximum period of 48 months. In addition, at the moment you will see the fees of the loan and the total that you will have to pay for it, so that you will have things very clear from the beginning.

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